What is pizza al taglio?

Walking through Rome, you’d be hard-pressed to go more than a few blocks without stumbling upon a pizza al taglio. It’s the traditional Roman way to sell pizza by the slice; pizza al taglio is literally Italian for “pizza by the cut.”


Pizzas are cooked on large rectangular baking sheets, and displayed side by side at a shop’s counter. It’s not uncommon to walk into a pizzeria and see 15 or 20 different varieties, so it can be hard to pick just one flavor. This is the beauty of pizza al taglio — although some shops serve pre-cut pieces, the majority sell pizza by the kilo. You tell the clerk how big a piece you want, they cut it, and you pay by weight. This allows you to try multiple types of pizza without worrying about ending up with more pizza than you can eat.


At il Romanista, Los Angeles’ first Roman-style pizzeria, we sell pizza by the piece. However, down the road, as people try our delicious pizza and realize they want to try not just one or two of the many pizzas we have on offer, we hope to sell it by weight.

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